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Northrop Residence

Location: Pend Oreille River, Washington
Designer: Terry L Mourning & Associates

This approximately 4,000 square foot river-front home utilizes timber-frame construction as well as conventional stick framing. The main floor features a very large great room with high ceilings. It is open to below from the loft level. There is no partition between the kitchen and the great room, making this home feel extremely open with a mountain retreat atmostphere.

Large timber trusses are easily identified as the structural main attraction. The entry truss located on the front porch was designed to carry a load of up to 15,000 pounds. Our office designed these large timber trusses so that the mortise and tenon connections were hidden. As you can see in the pictures, there are no bolts, screws, or steel plates to be found. All bolt holes were wood plugged to conceal the bolt heads.

The remainder of the roof system is made up of manufactured trusses as well as 2x framing. The exposed beams and posts utilized throughout the house are very large Douglas Fir timbers with minimum dimensions of 12″”.