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Safe Rooms

From time to time our clients have us do extra below grade re-enforced concrete engineering and design for underground structures. This extra work might be for a cold storage room, a wine cellar, a man cave, a safe room, a passageway between structures or for some other undisclosed purpose. Our 35 years of experience, in both engineering and construction, allows us to be creative with these designs and meet our client’s needs while at the same time minimizing the footprint of these below grade structures.

These underground structures might have hidden entrances, additional secret passageways, extra security measures, reinforced blast doors or hatches. The client often drives these designs. While in other cases, our security consultant will make recommendations.

Our office values our client’s privacy as we do our own. Our office personnel, who work on the design and development of these facilities, are passionate about our rights and responsibilities as American Citizens. We honor and respect the rights of our client’s to plan for, provide for, and protect their families and property. We put into practice the principle laid out by one of our American founding fathers, Benjamin Franklin on July 2, 1776 said of King George’s tyrannical government, “If we don’t all hang together, we will surely hang separately.”

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