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Assisted Living

The Hampton’s Inn

Location: Vancouver, Washington
Developer: RJ Development Services
Contractor: Koelsch Construction

The Hampton’s Inn is an Alzheimer’s and Dementia care facility that is approximately 32,000 square feet.  The building is a single story conventional stick framing and a manufactured truss roof system.

The building is located on very uncooperative soils that were anticipated to undergo liquefaction in the event of an earthquake.  Vancouver, Washington has more anticipated seismic activity compared to most areas of the country as it is near Mount St. Helens.  Due to the poor soil conditions, we engineered a foundation consisting of 14″ diameter auger cast piles extending 50 feet into the earth, with a grade beam matrix, and structural concrete slab.

This project has required a lot of coordination between the site developer, architect, geotechnical engineer, auger cast pile contractor, and the general contractor.

Our scope of work for this project was to first provide a preliminary foundation plan with a value engineering analysis so the developer could request proposals for the deep foundation elements.  We then performed the vertical and lateral engineering analysis of the structure.  Our office provided the structural drafting along with the structural engineering calculations for this project.

We also performed an extensive review of the manufactured truss layout and calculations to ensure the truss manufacturers design was in accordance with ours.