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Towers at Ridgepointe

Location: Coeur d’Alene, Idaho
Architect: Miller-Stauffer Architects

This luxurious 6 story condominium structure is 90,000 square feet featuring underground parking facilities, elevators, cantilevered decks, concrete columns, concrete masonry unit (CMU) retaining walls, steel moment resisting frames, and structural insulated panel (SIP) roof construction.

This design features engineering to the latest building codes ensuring highest quality of structural integrity. By using The Hambro MD2000 composite floor system we were able to save 5” per floor which allowed the developer to add and an extra story to meet zoning height limitations. The Hambro system is a structurally efficient system that incorporates a steel floor truss into a concrete floor slab. Using this system, the contractor was able to pour concrete on more than one floor at a time. The roof was constructed of wood glulam beams and structural insulated panels (SIP). The SIPs were fabricated with all the various cut-outs made in the shop which saved the contractor a lot of time in the field.

Years later, the Ridgepoint Condominium Home Owner’s Association came to us to help with designing a system to facilitate exterior maintenance.